Who we are

True wellness entails deeply transformational, soul-lifting experiences catapulting us towards our best selves. At Sukrit Wellness we promise to leave you physically, mentally, socially and spiritually recharged. eYajna is the one of the prominent services that SUKRIT WELLNESS TOURS PRIVATE LIMITED provides to wellness seekers who believe in Yajna for their well being.

The yajna, which has been the legacy of the rishis, the sages, since time immemorial, is the very way, the very path that can take you towards life which is much more prosperous, which is much more in sync with your own nature. All these blockages and the barriers could be removed or mitigated with the profound effect of mantras which are chanted by the great scholars, the vidyarthis of the ashram, right here on the Ganges. The water affects the sound and goes into the cosmos creating an effect, cleansing you off, provoking the divine blessing to you.

Certain facts about Us: 

  • Uplifting humanity for more than 50 years by provoking divine blessings through Yajna.
  • We helped more than 5,000,000 Seekers to fulfil their desires and achieve happiness in their life
  • Serving people from all walks of life from more than 35 countries
  • Purohit are qualified scholars in Vedas from our Own Vedic Gurukul and some other renowned one in India. They lead the life of a Yogi and involved in many research programs on Vedas and Indian philosophy. The disciplined yogic life makes them more eligible to provoke the power of Mantras.
  • Situated on the eastern bank of Holy Ganga in Prayagraj, overlooking the mystic Triveni Sangam, the confluence of rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati.
  • Yajnashala is surrounded with Gaushala, the habitat of thousands of Indian holy cows. The seekers are bound to get the blessings of Gau-seva.
  • Our Yajna-Shala is situated in most ancient part of Prayagraj, mythologically called Indra –ka- Bagicha (Garden of Indra) in Chhatnag area of present-day Jhunsi, which was called Pratishthanpur in Mahabharata period and before.
  • We perform Yajna-Hawan using our own Hawan-Samagri (material used for Yajna), produced purely based on Vedic concepts from raw materials collected from Himalayas and other pious places. We have our own production centres of Havan-Samagri and Samidha at Ashrams and Gaushalas (Cow-shelters).
  • We perform Yajna or Puja either in the presence of seekers or in absence of them. Both are effective and blissful.
  • There is seamless booking and professional support system to assist you on every steps. Our expert can help you choose the right Yajna or Puja for you. Click How online Yajna Works
  • In case of Yajna-Hawan being conducted in your presence in Prayagraj, we have high quality residential facilities on Bank of Ganges in Jhunsi, Prayagraj with affordable charges along with vegetarian satvik-food, without onion and garlic. Contact us