1. Will it be effective and beneficial to perform Yajna online?

Importance of Yajna, in Hindu Mythology has been recognised since ages. “Yajna” literally means sacrifice or devotion and is referred to as a ritual, often done in front of fire with the help of mantras. In the current scenario, when staying at home and social distancing has become the new normal, eYajna works in a very effective and unique way where you get closely connected with the yajna experts and they guide you through live streaming. .  The purohit conducting the entire act of  eyajna is well versed with all the vedic mantras, and makes the audience well aware of every mantra, or any aahuti he or she makes.

2. Can our desires be fulfilled by Yajna?

In Hindu mythology, there are ways through which our materialistic desires can be fulfilled. One of the ways is by performing karmayajna. Yajna, if conducted with proper rituals and matras, can be really helpful in fulfilling various material desires. Our religious scriptures mention that there have been sages in ancient times who possessed the knowledge of different methods of performing yajnas.  We are well aware how King Dashrath performed Putrakameshthi Yajna under the guidance of Rishi Shringi and as a result of the yajna, he got blessed with four sons. Yajnas, create a proper atmosphere and produces such vibrations that help in giving the desired result. The heat and the sound energies created through Yajna help us to attain all the material and spiritual benefits.

 3. Will online ‘Pind Daan’ on Ganga will serve the purpose?

Pindddan is a ritual which is perfomed as a sign of reverence by the kins of deceased, after the soul leaves the body. In Hindu Mythology, it is considered as one of the most vital ritual after the death of an individual. Pind daan helps the departed soul getting liberated from the material world and attain moksha. It is believed that the soul is in a state of complete despair, if it does not get liberated. In this corona times, when we are stuck at our home, our online rituals can really help everyone in attaining the desired results. Online ‘Pind Daan ‘ on Ganga is being conducted by our vedic priests who are well versed with all the rituals and mantras and hence it will bring forth the same desired result, which we normally get through our physical presence.

 4. Is Vedic Yajna scientific?

The word Yajna means some kind of offerings to fire God Agni. This is what the verses of Rigveda suggest. Infact Yajna though has no scientic basis, it is far more scientific than the science itself, if we take its intended meaning. The vistas of knowledge provided by Yajna is far more superior than Science. The offerings put in the fire are not just offerings, rather they symbolize sacrifice of self or ego. It symbolizes our selfless actions towards the wellbeing of other human beings. However the scientists have acknowledged the medicinal values of performing yajnas.The smoke coming out of the yajna has the capacity to kill germs spreading numerous diseases. Scientific experiments show that physical ailments and diseases decrease where yajnas are performed regularly.There is a purification of environment, as there is a decrease in the severity of pollution. The offerings like ghee and coconut cleanses the atmosphere. It has been discovered that offerings in the agni has a healing process, it purges the atmosphere and the atmosphere automatically heals us. Not only this, the aroma coming out due to the diffusion of various substance like camphor, sandalwood and various spices, replaces the bad odour of the environment.

5. How many years of experience do you have to perform Yajna?

SUKRIT WELLNESS TOURS PVT. LTD. is working with the collaboration of Vihangam Yoga organization which was founded by Sadguru Sadafaldeoji Maharaj in 1924. Since then, yajna has been an integral part of it. We have the best Vedic priests, who are highly experienced in performing yajnas. They are quite well versed with all the religious scriptures and chanting of mantras. Not only this, they are well equipped with conducting yajnas, specific to particular occasions.

6. Where are you located? Is your location best to perform most effective Yajna.

Our Yajna-Shala (Place of Fire Altar) is situated on the eastern bank of Ganga in Prayagra.  Prayagraj has religious as well as historical importance since ages. The name Prayag itself has various connotation. It signifies divinity and purity. It is a place where people have been performing yajna, since time immemorial. The confluence of three rivers, Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati creates a divine blessing and any ritual conducted here brings forth desired material and spiritual benefits.

 7. Do you use Ganga water in Yajna?

Our Yajnashala is located at the bank of Holy Ganga. We perform all Yajna with Holy Ganga water. 

8. How will I participate in Yajna online?

Please go through our ‘How it Works’ link.

9.  I am female. Am I eligible to perform Yajna?

Yajna is for upliftment of entire human being irrespective of any age group, sex, cast, creed, religion or country.

10. Is Yajna good for children also?

Yajna is for the upliftment for all human beings irrespective of any age. It is equllay beneficial for Children. There are various occasions in Hindu Mythology where Yajna is being conducted for children. Like Annprashan (where the child is fed with grains for the first time after its birth), Upnayan Sanskaar, birthdays. Yajnas are also conducted for the longevity of children. Even children, after a certain age can themselves participate in yajna and put the offerings in fire, as per the guidance of vedic priests.

11. My child’s birthday is near. What is the special birthday Yajna?

Birthday is a joyous occasion for any family. We celebrate it in different ways and one of the ways has been to celebrate it through Yajna. We have specific mantras for the longevity of life which can be chanted by our vedic priests, while performing yajnas. Through Yajnas, we invoke deties and invoke their blessings.

12. What is the Solah Samskar Yajna?

The word Samskaar refers to something sacred. It literally means,” Putting together or making perfect”. As per karma theory, it is explained that samskaars, exist by default from birth and also it keeps on taking shape throughout human life. They constitute of both external rites, like name giving ceremony or a child’s birth and also of some inner rites like developing positivity or empathy and compassion for others. The word appears in Reig veda and other vedic texts and it simply means to prepare or to purify. Samskaaras also mean to achieve excellence by performance of certain actions. They purify and prepare individuals by welcoming them in various stages of life. The 16 Sanskaaras are below:

13. I want to perform Yajna for my friend or family member for his specific problem. Can I do that?

Yajna can be performed by anyone and everyone. It can be performed for our close family members and friends and any other human being. Yajnas can be performed as per the specific needs of an individual  Once the details of the person is provided, our support team can help you in conducting yajna as per your convenience.How can I contact you?

You can reach by below means

  1. Submit your queries in Contact us page
  2. Call support time on +91 7980772960 . Monday to Friday 10AM to 5PM Indian time.
  3. Mail to support team – [email protected]

14. What is the process of cancellation and when will I get refund?

Please go through our Cancellation / Refund policy.

15. Who will perform Yajna and what will be their qualification?

 Yajnas are conducted by vedic priests who are well versed with hindu scriptures, mantras and all other rituals associated with yajnas. They are mostly scholars from Varansi, our country’s own spiritual capital.

16. Can I get the record of ritual performed for me?

YesYou can get the recording of the entire rituals, performed at your request. You may be asked for some specific charges.

17. Will you charge for consultation?

No. Any consultation prior to booking of any Yajna is completely free. Our experts will guide you completely regarding the Yajna, you want to get conducted. They will also give you all the details of our services.. We encourage you to know the details about any kind of Yajna, you are interested in before you book.

18. I want to perform Yajna as per my need. Can I customize the Yajna?

Yes. You can get the Yajna customized by seeking our expert’s advice.

19. How to book the services?

There are two ways to book the services.

  1. Online booking: Go to eYajna.com. Search the services you are interested in. Make the payment. Booking is done. You will need to register yourself as a member before booking.
  2. Offline booking: Offline booking is useful when you want to customize the Yajna or Puja. Once customization is done, our support team will reach you and discuss with you the payment details. Once the payment is done,  you will get the booking confirmation email.

Offline booking is also required if you want to avail the gservices within 7 days.

20. How to modify the services?

There is only offline modification  possible. For this, you need to follow the below given steps

  1. Talk to our support team
  2. Select or customize the new service
  3. Cancel the prior booked service.
  4. Settle the payment
  5. Book the new service

21. How to cancel the services I booked?

If you have done the online booking, then you can cancel the services from your user profile window.

If you done the offline booking then you need to talk to our support team and request for cancellation. All request will be acceptable only through email exchange.

22. How to make payment?

For online booking various payment options are available through payment gateway.

For offline booking, you will receive the payment link through which you can make the payment.

23. How to contact for grievances?

Please contact us through below email for any of your grievances. Email must have the information regarding booking like booking ID, the email ID through booking has happened, Your registered contact number.

 [email protected]

 24. What are the working days and timing of support team?

Our support team work from Monday to Friday, 10AM to 5PM Indian time.

25. Do you sell Yajna related products?

We do not sell Yajna related products right now. We will inform through our website, if we start such services in near future