Geordie coast’s Ricci Guarnaccio ditches truth TV for shock newer profession

Geordie coast’s Ricci Guarnaccio ditches truth TV for shock newer profession

He isn’t the first one to make step

Ricci Guarnaccio – of Ricci and Vicky/Geordie coast popularity – was clinging upwards their fact TV shoes to attempt a thrilling latest career trajectory.

To-be fair, wen’t viewed him on anything in AGES, as a result it’s probably for the very best.

The collection two icon – who’s involvement to OG Vicky Pattison lasted just a couple months after “constant arguing” – is following in footsteps of Sophie Kasaei’s ex-boyfriend Joel Corry and trying his luck inside the music industry.

In fact, 1st solitary, journey beside me, featuring vocalist Emily Williams (who furthermore taped a track with Gary Beadle in 2013, natch), is out on Soundcloud.

Bet you’ve got in on repeat, bringn’t your?

EXAMINE: Vicky Pattison partnership record

CLOSER Vicky Pattison past devotee – SLIDER

A fresh-faced Vicky Pattison very first tore onto our very own displays on MTV’s Geordie coast in 2011. Back then she was 23, had been involved in telesales. . . and new away from a relationship with neighborhood lad John Noble. With a mega-watt television job coming, which hunky lads would this ‘VIP’ arranged their landscapes on?

‘Dad associated with the cluster’ Jay – therefore dubbed for any semblance of sanity he had been riddled with – made very the match for balshy Vicky in their brief romance in show one. Nevertheless romance was not to final, as our teen network Jay revealed he had been making the program after collection three to pay attention to their partnership (perhaps not the only with Vick, FYI).

But by the time of Jay’s teary departure, Vicky have already shacked with another Geordie Shore co-star. Indeed, that very same occurrence saw Ricci Guarnaccio recommend to the lady during supper in Cancun. Unfortunately, in early stages next collection Ricci requested the band right back after Vicky had gotten a naked sprinkle tan (or something), and Vicky have since labeled as him ‘spoiled’, ‘arrogant’, and condemned her commitment as ‘hell’. Sadface.

Another from Geordie coast archive, Vicky met suit Dan (AKA Dan Conn) while shooting series 6 around australia, and he to be real really in shape. A former pin up child from Australian Continent’s NRL, Dan is being employed as a workout guru in his local Sydney (search figure).

Yes, their own initial relationship was actually temporary, but Vicky possess known as Dan ‘the one that had gotten away’ and’ve reuinited numerous circumstances, especially on 2014’s Ex on the Beach, in which Ricci was also an islander. In 2017 Dan came across with Vicky in Newcastle, and stated he had been “genuinely delighted” she have discovered fancy with John.

Vick outdated OG TOWIE boii Kirk Norcross in later part of the 2013, initial noticed along cosying up-over a mulled vino at cold temperatures Wonderland. Kirk was not very long of a relationship with alt model Cami Li, which put sparks flying whenever all three of these appeared on Ex on the Beach a year later. The thing that was really embarrassing, though, had been whenever Kirk admitted their fascination with Vick – who subsequently continued to crack in with Stephen Bear hrs after. She furthermore mentioned she’d “never adored him” in a 2015 line for New! mag. Ouch.

Today, this package was the real shocker! Vicky and Gaz Beadle had been alpha-ing all over G Shore since month 1, but never did we ever expect them to hook up. But appropriate a few a lot of Jaegers and every night from inside the hot spa, that’s exactly what they found by themselves performing. The subsequent day, Vicky known as they an “all time personal low”. We’ve all already been through it, animal.

Maybe the scary to do the Parsnip got extreme for Vicky to keep, given that it was not long soon after the lady and Gaz’s distressing connect that she hung up the lady Geordie shoes to spotlight the woman partnership. Who was simply the unique chap? Previous Ice hockey member James Morgan, who would currently completed the reality television rounds with TOWIE’s Maria Fowler.

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